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Are you planning to sell your residential estate? Are you looking for a property to buy? Residential real estate can be tricky to sell and buy as they tend to be expensive, and you would not want to buy a property that is worth less than what you paid for. 

If you are serious about getting the right price for your estate, you will need to get an appraiser. We will help you get the correct valuation of your property by getting accurate data through Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

Benefits in getting an appraisal service for a residential estate

There are a lot of benefits that can come with having a residential estate appraised by a professional appraiser. Whether you are the homeowner or you are the potential buyer, you will truly appreciate the advantage that comes when you get that appraisal report.

1. You will know how much the estate really costs

If you are the homeowner: Homeowners can, unfortunately, be biased when it comes to pricing their estate because after all, they would want to get the highest amount of money they can get when they sell their house. The best thing you can do when you are planning to sell your home is to have it appraised to have an idea of how much it costs when you sell it on the current state of the market.


If you are the potential buyer: Buyers can also request for appraisers to get the value of the estate they have put their eyes on.


2. You will not feel lowballed and cheated

If you are the homeowner: There are many cases when homeowners have sold their estates for a much lower price because they did not know their property’s value. This unfortunate event will happen when owners do not consult real estate agents and appraisers because they want to save money by not hiring professionals. It may be tempting to dismiss the idea of hiring experts, but do not fall into the trap of trying to save money that you will lose out on the selling price instead. 


If you are the potential buyer: Buyers also have a tendency of scrimping out on hiring pros because who does not want to save money anyway? However, we can guarantee that hiring experts will save you money instead. We have many clients who we advised against getting a particular property because it is overpriced and they were able to get another estate with a lower price but the same features as the one they originally wanted to buy.


3. You can have an advantage during negotiations

If you are the homeowner or potential buyer: Whether you are the buyer or the seller, having the appraisal report on your hands can be extremely advantageous during the negotiation phase. Though appraisals can vary depending on who did it, both the seller and buyer can get into an agreement and compromise on the price by settling in the middle amount.


4. You can get accurate information about the estate

If you are the homeowner or potential buyer: Another benefit of having a house inspected is that the appraisers can get accurate data of the estate such as the size of the property.


5. You can get ideas on how you can sell your estate at a higher price

If you are the homeowner: During inspections, our appraiser will tell you the areas that need to be fixed and repaired. Doing so can get your estate a higher value when you have it re-appraised.

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