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Are you a homeowner that wants to sell your estate? Are you a potential buyer who wants to buy one? If you are either one of these two, you would want to know the value of a particular place in the market.

Nobody would ever want to be on the short end of the stick. Get a professional to do the appraisal service before you sell or buy your estate.

How does our team commonly do our appraisal services?

Many people want to know how we do our work before getting our services, and we think that is only fair. We understand that clients would want to know the usual process we do during an appraisal, and here is what typically happens when you do business with us:

Step 1: Clients making the contact and inquiry

On the very first step of our transaction, many of our clients have been referred to us by their lawyers, lenders, or acquaintances who we previously worked with and were very satisfied with our service. Many clients of ours have already reached out to us themselves when they found our site. At this stage, when clients have already decided to hire us, we can set an appointment if preferred and will get the important details that are needed.

If you are interested in getting on a call to know more about our appraisal service for your estate tax, you can reach this number.

Step 2: Appraisers will conduct the inspection

Our clients and appraisers will agree on a scheduled date for the inspection. On that particular date, our appraiser will visit your property and observe and gather data by looking around your house. Every detail we gather will be the basis of the valuation we will put on your estate, such as the state of the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and whether there are health risks present in the area.

Step 3: Appraisers will interpret the data

At this stage, our appraisers and staff will analyze the information and data we gathered when we did our inspection. Our team are experts in interpreting data and will always verify the files by comparing them with other property sources like the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). 

Step 4: Appraisers will release the appraisal report

Depending on factors such as the difficulty in gathering important information on your estate, we are still very proud to say that our appraisers can give the appraisal report after only a day or a week.  

Having your estate appraised is just easy and there is nothing to worry about. The most important thing for you to do as a buyer or a seller will be to make sure that you enlist the help of an estate appraisal service that definitely knows what they are doing.

What should you look for in an appraiser?

1. Your appraiser must be licensed

The role of being the person who will put a valuation on an estate is hard and would need a certain requirement to be able to work as a genuine appraiser. Every state has its own qualifications that will be followed by the appraisers in the area.



Our appraisers are state-licensed and certified. You can trust our team to give you accurate data.

2. Your appraiser must be experienced

Estate taxes are a very serious matter. It is crucial to get an appraiser that has worked in the industry for a long time. 

Our appraisers have been on the team for many years and have their own line of specialization. If you need help with divorce, pre-listing, tax estate, and other branches of appraisal, we got you covered.

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We are happy to hear from you.  Contact us for any of your appraisal needs.  From residential to commercial, divorce to estate tax and trust, we do it all.

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