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We know how important it is to get an accurate appraisal of your home or building.  We have years of expertise and use the most proven methods of valuating a piece of property.  You can count on our opinion!

Are you trying to sell your house? Do you need to know how much tax you have to pay for your property? Are you planning to take out a loan? Are you looking for a new home and want to determine if it is worth the price it is selling for? If you have to deal with the necessity of having a property appraised, you will need the help of a real estate appraiser.

Real Estate Appraisers are professional experts that do the inspections on a property to determine how much they value. Appraisers are often hired by lending companies or by the individuals themselves who need to have their property assessed in an unbiased manner.

Because real estate appraisers are such an important key in determining the market value of a residential or commercial property, you will need to ensure that the appraiser you are hiring or the one that the loan company provided has the license and certificates.

Looking for the best real estate appraisers in the area? We got you and your property covered.

Real Estate Appraisals

We provide appraisals for residential and commercial properties. Whether it's for a pre-listing, divorce, land, trust or estate tax purposes, we are happy to assist.


We are extremely good at valuing residential real property and our clients sell their homes for top dollar


Buying commercial property can be challenging.  Get another set of eyes to confirm how much it's worth


Want to develop a piece of land but need to know how much it's worth? Call us first!

Our appraisals use the most trusted valuation methods

Why Choose Us?

We are a team of licensed and certified appraisers doing business in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and nearby areas. Our lineup is formed with professional appraisers who have different designations and specialties and can do assessments for residential and commercially owned properties.

We have our own licensed real property appraisers, residential property appraisers, and certified general real property appraisers in our humble crew that can help you with any of your appraisal needs.

Accurate Appraisals

As with other professionals, we do not do our estimation without any references. We conduct our research and make sure to inspect your property properly. When we do our visit, our appraiser will take note of the interior and exterior parts of your building and other attributes that will influence how it will be valued in the market.

Fast Turnaround Times

When you first contact us, expect to receive a reply within the first 24 to 48 hours. For the appraisal report, it can only take us a day or a week to have accurate data, but this, of course, may vary depending on various factors such as the current market condition.

Clear Communication

We believe in the importance of transparency and communication during the entire transaction. Our team will always be able to honestly disclose our findings and you are more than welcome to ask us how we arrived at our conclusion.

What we can help you with

Our state-licensed and certified real estate appraisers can give you an accurate appraisal value based on meticulously researched data and market value trends.

We can provide our assistance with

Divorce appraisals

In the event that marriages must come to an end, the process of dividing assets and properties can be a huge headache, especially for couples with no prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

When divorce happens, one of the most common things divorce lawyers suggest to have a just share between the two clients is by selling all the co-owned properties and dividing the profits among them.

We provide an unbiased appraisal service for divorced couples to be able to have the correct fair market value of a certain property. This is done to determine how much money can be split equally when the property is sold.

Prelisting appraisals

In the event when homeowners want to sell a house or property, they will always want to get the proper and fair value in the present market. Nobody would want to lose money by inaccurately pricing their house too cheap and they would also not want to price it too steeply that nobody would want to buy it.

If you need a professional to do the research and assessment in order to know how much your property is actually worth, you have come to the right place. We will always give our unbiased opinion.

Estate tax appraisals

If you had a family member that was recently deceased and left an estate to you as its inheritor, you would probably have to pay an estate tax before it can be yours.

Estate tax appraisals are usually required by mortgage companies and are done to ensure that you are paying the right value of taxes that is mandated by the government and will be used to build roads, schools, and other public infrastructures.

How big your tax can be will depend on the value of your property. To ensure that you are paying the right amount, you can call a professional tax appraiser and get it done. The data that we will get will only be used to determine the property tax amount of your estate.

Financial planning and trust appraisals

Being knowledgeable and aware of the value of all your estates and assets is crucial to avoid headaches and problems in the future. This is important especially for senior citizens that are already nearing or in their retirement.

Our team will be there to provide accurate assessments and help you get your affairs in order. We will be sure to listen to your concerns and explain in a thorough manner because we always believe in transparent communication.

If you need financial plans or help with trust appraisals, do not hesitate to call us.

Commercial real estate appraiser

Our commercial real estate appraiser will be able to help in the assessment and appraisal of your commercial building. What we do usually do during an inspection is to take photographs of your estate and do consultations and research.

Whether your buildings are made for an office, supermarket, hotel, or mall, our appraisers will be able to provide the fair market price it currently has.

Residential real estate appraiser

Our residential real estate appraiser will be able to help in the assessment and appraisal of your residential building. What our team usually does is visit your house, do inspections, and conduct extensive research based on current data and market prices to ensure that we will give you the right valuation of your owned estate.

Land appraiser

A land appraisal can be a nightmare for inexperienced appraisers, but with our humble years of experience, whether it will be used for agricultural, residential, or commercial use, we will be able to put the right valuation on your land and give you the right market price it currently has.

2-4 unit building appraiser

For multi-family appraisals that have 2 to 4 unit buildings, our team of professionals can absolutely do it for you. These small residential income property types require certain expertise as there are a lot of factors that influence the pricing, such as the high demand, location, and how old your building is.

How to choose the best real estate appraiser in your area

Make sure that the appraiser has a state-issued license and certificate valid in your location

Different states have their own requirements and license issued for practicing real estate appraisers in their area.


Make sure that they have years of experience being a real estate appraiser

Appraisers who have been working in the industry for many years will absolutely have more knowledge and practice in the appraising trade.


Make sure that the appraiser has attended a considerable amount of training

There are a lot of training courses available for appraisers that would be beneficial to have in their line of work. If your appraiser has a considerable amount of training certificates at their disposal it can be a sign of their commitment to being updated with the current appraisal practices.


Make sure that they know about the specific estate you need to be appraised

There are different property types such as commercial and residential estates that need the expertise of a specialized real estate appraiser.


This is truly important and crucial to the industry that the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) requires the appraiser to tell their clients about their experience in the specific property the client has before accepting the project.

Get in touch with our team of licensed experts

Finding the right real estate appraiser for your specific type of estate and need can be hard, especially when you do not have friends or acquaintances that can refer quality appraisers for you. If you need the extra push to get in contact with our team, you can refer to the honest reviews left by our customers on this site to help you decide.

With our wide range of services, we are confident to be able to provide our clients with the specific help they require in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and nearby areas. If you need our expert assistance in any of the services we have offered above, whether for divorce or commercial appraisals, you may fill out this online form or give us a call at this number.


Hear What Previous Clients Have To Say...

Melissa T

"We sold our home for-sale-by-owner and wanted to make sure we could make as much as the market would bear.  Our home ended up selling for 1% above asking.  We were very happy with your service and your analysis of what our home was worth.  Thank you!"


Jonas P

"After several years of living in my apartment I had decided to purchase the building from the owner who was retiring and moving out of state.  Your valuation of the property made me feel comfortable with the purchase and the overall investment."



Mathias B

"My partner and I wanted to make sure we were making the right decision in purchasing a commercial property.  You explained how you arrived at your final number and by breaking it down for us, it confirmed that we were making the right decision.  We recommend your service to anyone looking for a valuation on their property!"


Callum L

"You were extremely easy to deal with and punctual with the delivery of your appraisal.  I had previously spoken with another real estate agent who gave me his "thoughts" on what the property was worth.  Your appraisal came in higher than his and I was able to ask for more during the sale of my home!"



We are happy to hear from you.  Contact us for any of your appraisal needs.  From residential to commercial, divorce to estate tax and trust, we do it all.

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